My job application…

Last Monday I had an appointment with a small software developing company here in The Netherlands. It was so that we could meet since I might start working there soon, but I had a test there today, 10 theoretic question and one practical test.
The questions went ok, but the other thing was a total wipe-out. One of my friends who had to do the same tests (who was also like half an hour late) did better on the practical test it seems and pretty much the area opposite of what I was working on. Seems the questions he got were pretty opposite to me to, seems like together we’re one almost valid .NET programmer.

Now they’re thinking about hiring one or both of us, we’re hoping and thinking it won’t be one of us, either both or neither.

It looked like a nice place to work, 2/3 people seemed nice, the other one I really hadn’t spoken to at all so I have no idea about him. The area there is nice too, lots of green and small houses and stuff, nice and quiet.

I’m hoping though that we will be hired, but after that practical thing I’m not very hopeful anymore. I did learn something nice though 🙂

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