PS3 emu

I recently bought me a PS3, I couldn’t wait any longer.
I’ve been playing on it a good deal. Been experimenting with it a lot too, still need to try the Tiff exploit for PS3 just for fun.
The Americans are blessed though (for now), the Emotion Engine chip (I think it was?) has to be pretty nice. Since I’m stuck with an emulator in my PS3, which isn’t bad, but it has it’s faults.
I tried playing Soul Reaver for PS on it the other day and with the smoothing feature it looks really nice, but sometimes it really has a crappy frame rate for like a second, mostly when I’m walking around corners and such.
I haven’t played many PS2 games on it yet (just Sonic Mega Collection+ which runs fine), but if it’s going to have the same troubles here then that would be pretty bad…
It’s nice though, now I have an excuse again to play my favorite PS(2) games again. Ahhh, Legacy of Kain, Zone of the Enders, how I’ve missed them.
Oh yeah I tried turning smoothing off and even though it does help, it still has trouble with the corners. And it seems like the game starts running at 130% speed or something too, so not so much an option since even with smoothing it looks like 110% speed.

But HA HA to the American because I’ve read that their new PS3s (the 80GB models) will have an emulator as well instead of the chip.
Now playing: Slayer – War Zone
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