The troubles of doing stuff you really can’t do yet…

As I’m working on one of my projects for experience and knowledge (I’ve passed the MCTS exams, but any practicle application of what I’ve know is still far away), I find that I can think in theory a lot of different things that should be cool, but when it comes to actually implementing the ideas I have I run in to a huge amount of walls.
Probably me not writing down what I’m thinking and planning it out doesn’t help and the fact that I have more new ideas running through my head then solutions to the troubles I’m facing with my current project doesn’t either…

I also don’t have any friends who are doing this, just know one guy and I don’t get the idea he’s actually practising at all and even if he is he’s never available to talk with and look for things and stuff… Maybe I can send him some stuff on Pownce and see if he replies to that.
I would like to work with people on a team to create an awesome program, but I don’t know anyone for it…

Anyway, I should continue looking for things to do, I should also write some stuff down.
I know a lot of people programming and also scripting don’t write down what they want to do first because it’s more fun to just write stuff.
If I can offer one piece of advise to everyone who doesn’t write stuff down (including myself), start writing, I’ve tried it a few times in school and it really helps speed things up.


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