My Games

Since I’ve been on my vacation I’ve had lots of time to play games. And surprisingly also the energy and motivation to finish them!
I’ve always been one of those many people that play a game untill 90% or so and then get bored or nervous or whatever and then quit playing all together.

First off Riviera: The Promised Land. A friend of mine was always talking about it, how cool and special it was and stuff. And it is, it’s very unique from what I’ve played.
This is the first RPG that I know I’ve played that has a kind of railed system. You can’t really walk around yourself, just choose which exit you want to use and which things you want to look at and stuff.
The battles are pretty unique too. Gathering items and using them correctly in battle. Gaining stats through mastering items/weapons (thank god for practise!).
At first it’s pretty easy, you walk around a little stressing over you overal score and not knowing what the hell you’re doing and stuff. Then near the end it suddenly turns tough. Beasts get a lot stronger, weapons become somewhat of a short-supply. Of course it could just have been my personal mal-organization of items that caused them to become somewhat rare and the fact that I often screwed up the action sequences (which are awesome btw, like mini-games whenever a trap or something similar appears). But in the end if you keep your weapons with you and use the right weaknesses it will all work out.
Didn’t die much all throughout the game, maybe once or twice before the final bosses and then once or twice more at the final bosses.
It was fun in the beginning, but in the end I only kept playing it because I didn’t want to give up and get stupid and forgetfull and try it again later.
There’s a special Chapter 8, but I haven’t felt like playing it at all. I don’t think I’ll ever touch it again.

Second, I started playing Brave Story: New Traveler right after I finished Riviera. I’d seen screenshots and it looked awesome and my friend had played it for like 5 minutes and tried to convince me to play it before finishing Riviera. But when I started playing it I was stunned…
The graphics looked awesome, the animations look beautiful, the idea of the main hero’s weapon is perfect (even though it gets kinda bad at lvl4 imo, but then cool again at lvl5), the monsters look cool, the fact that in some circumstances they go crazy (or get ‘crazed’) is excellent although later in the game sometimes quite fatal.
The story is pretty weak in my opinion, but not so much so that it interfere’s in the enjoyment of the game. The other characters are pretty cool, the kitkin girl’s ears flap like a cat’s from time to time, very good, the waterkin looks just damn awesome, the highlander’s dual-wielding capabilities look just damn amazing, the pankin really annoys me but gets better over time and the knight joins pretty late so I don’t know if I think he’s cool.
Again just like Riviera it starts out very easy and keeps being pretty easy through most of the game but then near the end it becomes a lot tougher. Sure you get pretty good armor if you look around a little, but they have big downsides (half healing effect, half speed).
It is fun though, if you haven’t tried it… you should, NOW!

Anyway, now I have to wait for Dragoneer’s Aria to come out and Guild Wars: Eye of the North.
Untill then I’ll probably play some Tales of the World: Radiant Mythology.


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