My fight with a freezer…

I had a fight with a freezer today…

There was a lot of ice stuck to the top drawer and it couldn’t open, so my girlfriend asked me to open it up so that she could have some of the ice cubes that were in it.
I first faced my foe the freezer during the afternoon, when my girlfriend asked me to see if I could get it open. Some half-assed attempts to see if I could get it open quickly with a hammer and a screw-driver I had to retreat and regroup because food was coming.

After dinner I went to face my opponent one more time. This time I tried first to remove the 2nd drawer all together, but I think the ice on the first drawer blocked it.
This time I no longer had the disadvantage I had with my first attempt because this time my girlfriend’s sister wasn’t sleeping right down the hall behind very thin walls.
I took the hammer again and scraped some of the top icing off. My opponent did not like this and thus tried fiercely to freeze my fingers. I tried knocking on the ice again with the hammer with no real effect.
My fingers were by now being seriously hindered by the cold and I was getting annoyed, one last time I took my hammer and scraped the ice furiously until a piece fell off. I then thought that it might be enough to force the drawer open by pulling it out and as I tried this the freezer was doing everything it could to stop me (so, basically, standing there blowing cold air my way and still freezing my fingers). With one firm pull all the ice still hanging from the drawer broke into pieces and fell down with a thunderous gasp.
And thus, my enemy lay in ruin and I had won, I had opened the cursed drawer and was looking for the spoils only to discover that there were no ice cubes in the freezer to begin with.
Even though I had won I was still beaten… I was sent on a fruitless quest and my dear damsel in distress had still not gained what she had sought.
Alas, but thus is life…

Oh yeah, I also got to Chapter 5 with Riviera.


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