My Vacation (so far)

Well, having been offline for pretty much 2 days because my girlfriend had time off, which was a lot of fun, I’m glad to be sitting behind a computer again. Going to strange cities that we’ve been to a hundred times before and the ceramic shops with her older sister sure are fun, but my place is still behind my computer.

Since I’ve been here I’ve started a new project, mainly for practice, but also for my girlfriend’s mom. She loves playing those silly games that are made for the stay-at-home women, games like Zuma, Treasures of Montezuma and all such things (popular distributors being BigFish games, Popcaps and such, also often bringing along virusses).
Whenever I install a new game for her she gets lost because often she can find them or she doesn’t remember which she asked me to install. So I’ve started a simple program for her with just simple buttons for every game she has. Currently they’re all hard-coded into the program, but once I’ve added them all I will start working on ways to improve that and let her add things herself and stuff.
Just had a nice idea that will allow her to ask me to get new games (currently she has a list next to her computer, but we can digitise that now can’t we). So I will be adding that today.

The last 2 days had been fun. When I got here on friday my girlfriend’s sister invited me to go to antwerp with her and her boyfriend, and since my girlfriend had to work that day I though, why not. It was fun. I think I may have scared/bored her boyfriend by talking too much like I usually do, after a while he just had to run after his girlfriend into the most boring clothing stores you can imagine (for men, not women).
But of course my girlfriend wanted to go to Antwerp aswell. Which was fine, she just wanted to go to some manga/comic shops and sadly at the end also to the Body Shop and women/health shops like it. Then yesterday she wanted to go with her older sister to some ceramic shop semi-near here and of course I had to come along even though I don’t even have the slightest interest in ceramics. It was fun, they had some good looking stuff and I had a chair on which I could sit and play my game.

That’s pretty much it so far…
Now I’m off to my programming again, I might make a ‘Projects’ section later today to show off both my apps!


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