Is there corruption within the dutch driving examination office?

My mom had her 2nd driving test today, first one being about six years ago.
She’s been taking lessons for weeks (perhaps months even) now and she was always positive about it and so was her driving instructor. The only real trouble she had last time was gone this time and she was very positive about making it through her exam, but alas, it was not meant to be apparently.
She hadn’t actually intended to try again after the first try (that’s why it’s taken 6 years), but due to circumstances she has to.

Before her driving test she had about an hour of just regular driving around, to get accustomed to it again before the test and to get rid of most of the anxiety. It went great, she told me she wasn’t at all nervous at that time and she felt completely comfortable driving around, her instructor told her she was doing great too.
Then came the exam, by this time of course she had gotten very nervous, but nonetheless she was doing great. Everything went perfectly except for 2 situations where she needed to have a little more ‘foresight’. She had to turn left and then immediately right, which didn’t go too well, but nothing disastrous or life-threatening. I see other people make much bigger mistakes then what she told me every day.

She had the same examiner as 6 years ago, and back then he’d given her a somewhat vague reason for not passing and it was no different this time. Like I said she made 2 mistakes and when the examiner talked to her about it her instructor joined in saying that that was more his fault then hers because he had told her to take it slow in such situations whereas the examiner wanted more speedy (re)action.

If she tries again in about 10 weeks or so and fails again then I’ll know for sure that there is such a thing as corruption within the dutch driving examination office or at least that examiner.


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