Having just finished watching the first half of Tekkaman Blade (after years of having it lay around) I feel that I need to post something.

These things must be crazy to make, and watching it makes me just a little weirded out sometimes. Things like characters moaning all the time, and I mean all the time. When something’s behind them and they turn around, when the other person appears, when ever. And then things like friends who get hurt and characters screaming their names 20 times while their still awake and apparently lucid. If your sister is dying and she’s in a hospital bed and you’re holding her, you don’t scream out her name, I would imagine you’d be much more silent so as not to make your sister even less comfortable.

Also a lot of mistakes seem to have been made back then, and perhaps still now, or it was just a really bad show.
In the first episode you see that parts of Blade’s armor doesn’t move along with him during his transformation, and one of his shoulder pads doesn’t even appear.
Other errors in the show (some of which may have been made on purpose, others maybe from lazyness) are things like screens saying ‘Emagency’ or a wall saying ‘Air Rock’ or Blade running while standing on Pegas’ shoulders. Probably the most obvious one is the first I’d ever noticed (back when I was 14 and even less perceptive) is that every time he shoots out of Pegas he flies off into the distance, then makes a somersault and then lands on Pegas’ back (impressive).

There is ofcourse also the fact that constantly the same animation return. Blade’s running, the transformation, about 30% of any episode is probably built up from scenes from earlier episodes.

I might be complaining about defects a lot in this post, but nonetheless this is an awesome show. As I said I’ve just seen half of it and even though it’s sometimes strange and very far fetched it has an awesome story and the characters are some of the coolest around.
If you haven’t seen it and like Mecha anime then you should definitely try and find this one!


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