Guild Wars asses and assets

I hadn’t played Guild Wars in a long time because I was pretty much stuck with not doing anything much.
But 2 days ago I suddenly had an urge to play again, so I did. It was fun, I tried a mission and died and then had to go to bed. Then yesterday I played again and first I tried this mission again, someone asked to join my team so I let him (he wasn’t very talkative though). We go through the mission and I’m trying to figure out what he’s trying to do, he keeps waiting for something, which I thought was for me to take charge which I refused. He wouldn’t say a thing and when we were defeated he immediately left. I apologized to him for being a bad player because I hadn’t played in months, but he didn’t answer of course.
Now this is a very mellow example but a lot of people who play MMO’s are asses. You have the people like him who don’t talk to you, expect something from you and then when you don’t do what they want you to (because you don’t know what it is) they get all frustrated and blame you for collective mistakes.
There’s of course also the people who are just oversexed 14-year-olds who go around pretending to rape the female characters. One of them once tried that with my girlfriend’s character. We had just gotten through a mission and we were just sitting around and chatting about what to do next when this dude comes up to her (warrior) and starts doing his damn disco-dance to her head. We got into a fight in which I got totally confused who was or wasn’t on my side (I think I might’ve had words with someone who agreed with me too) and eventually he just ran away and the rest of the area was just in unison over what an ass he was. It was kinda fun in the end.
Then there are of course the people who just want one thing from a quest or mission and as soon as they get it just leave.
And of course the rushers, the W/Mos who think they’re invincible because they can heal themselves a little. Probably sometimes when I get over-excited I become a rusher too, but usually I try and take it easy.

There are however, also the good people in Guild Wars. Someone from your guild who asks you to help him find a green item, which turns into a fruitless midnight raid of just one character. But always thanking you for what you did.
Or the old newbie who you got playing who you used to treat really badly because his play style didn’t conform to your idea of what it was supposed to be (I guess he reminded me too much of what I used to be like?), who you’ve apologized to and now it’s a lot of fun playing together.
There’s your blood brother of course, who’s nice to pretty much everyone, happens to be the leader of your guild and is just awesome to play with and will never tell you you’re bad at anything or even not as good as he is.
And there are just the random people who enjoy playing with others and have fun no matter what happens.

I wish though that in general there were more good people then bad, though most of them probably think they’re good people and people like me are bad people…


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