Some interesting Metal items…

Apparently Gene Simmons is crazier then I thought. BW&BK had an item about him today in which they summarized his views on life. 2 interesting quotes were: “Paris Hilton is a bigger rock star than anybody … she just doesn’t play guitar.” and “While all the rock stars, the few that are remaining, they’re in bands, I’m the only brand, baby. No matter how big Mick Jagger or U2 is, there are no Rolling Stones or U2 comic books or Visa cards.”
Check it here…

2nd, Amberian Dawn, a finnish band that will release their debut album this fall, has put up their song River of Tuoni up for streaming or download at and this song along with another is up for streaming on their website. It sounds good!
Check the page here…
Check the songs on the official site here…

and 3rd, Epica will be releasing a special edition disk and a vinyl copy of their new album which will be released around September/October. They have a sample on their MySpace of the song Menace of Vanity. Sounds promising!
Check it here…


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