Internet Legacy

I’m all across the Internet. I have accounts on almost everything I can find. As you can see in my pages panel, I have a account, I have a site at freewebs, I have my blog here, I have a blog at pownce, I have an anime list at anidb and one at, I have a TV show list at, a CD list at both metal archives and one (outdated) list at and then there are probably some I can’t even remember.
Even though I have all these things, none of them actually get any visits at all. Sure my anime list has had 166 hits (in the, what, 2 years I’ve been there?), most of them (if not all) are made by myself (changes, lookups, etc). I have some friends on these sites, most of them don’t know me though, some rarely visit at all, others never. I have actually, I think, only one person on these sites who added me and I have frequent contact with. And even she is slipping. And ofcourse there is the person who invited me to Pownce, I have a lot of contact with him, mainly because we follow the same .NET course and because whenever I post something he instantly gets to see it on his page and when he posts something I get to see it on mine and I usually reply.
Even as I write this post I know for certain that nobody will read it, so why do I bother?

I guess I’m hoping that one day someone will read it and find it either mildly interesting or highly annoying and comment or something.
Also I like to test stuff out, so websites like hold interest for me in that respect (as do websites like this and pownce and such).

Of course that nobody reads these things or talks to me anywhere is also because I have nothing interesting to say. I also don’t know the right people, where I live I only know maybe 3 people who really listen to metal, only 1 of which I speak to, and none of them listen to any of the sub-genres I listen to. My favorite bands are never shared by others around me and things that others like don’t hold my interest that much either most of the time.

Though probably the biggest reason I refuse to stop doing these things is that the thing I’m really scared of (I don’t know why), is that I will be forgotten… Which I probably will no matter what I do…


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