Circus Maximus – Isolate

Artist: Circus Maximus
Album: Isolate
Year: 2007
Genre: Progressive Metal
Origin: Norway


  1. A Darkened Mind
  2. Abyss
  3. Wither
  4. Sane No More
  5. Arrival of Love
  6. Zero
  7. Mouth of Madness
  8. From Childhood’s Hour
  9. Ultimate Sacrifice
When I first heard Circus Maximus I was quite surprised. It was during a time where I was bored with most new things I heard since they didn’t sound fresh, they had no edge, it was all barely even progressive.
Circus Maximus, at that time, had an excellent sound to them, a little heaver then most progressive metal I’d heard in a while.

Later I saw that they were to perform live at ProgPower EU and I discovered that they were working on a new CD, due very soon.
I’ve heard it for the first time today, it’s just damn awesome! I can’t say I’m disappointed. I’m happy, better then anything I expected!


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