Cool Links

  • Nox13last Software and Games – Forum of a friend of mine, pretty cool, join please…
  • – A website that takes all your feeds from various places such as flickr,,, etc, and puts them in ‘the river’ where everyone that comes there can see all that you do.
  • Encyclopaedia Metallum (– Slashed’s profile) – A website with the biggest metal band database known to me. Great for refence, finding bands from genres and countries and finding album art. Can also make a profile and list your collection/wanted/trading list.
  • Freewebs (Oni Site where metal clashes) – A good free webhosting site. Has some nice features.
  • Pownce (: Tom W.) – An awesome mini-blog site, as I’m told like twitter, but with file sharing and even invitations and link sending.
  • (RyuSlash’s Music Profile) – A cool music community, tracking your listened-to songs and bringing you into contact with people who share your same style of music taste.
  • MyAnimelist (slashed’s Anime List) – A cool website to keep track of the anime you’ve watched/collected.
  • (Slashed’s bookmarks on) – A fun website where you can bookmarks websites online and see other people’s bookmarks.
  • Xfire (– Slash) – Gamer’s IM
  • Triglav – Cool JavaScript-coded web-based RPG.
  • Jamendo: Open Your Ears – A Free, Legal, Unlimited music download site! Seems pretty cool, can either download with eMule or Bittorrent.
  • SeeqPod Music beta – Look for and listen to any music you can think of (well, the listening part is only for the songs you can find of course).

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